Style with Substance

We love elegant design, stylish spaces and evocative photography.
But we believe that beauty without story or substance isn’t really beautiful at all.
At Candice & Co., we go beyond skin deep, creating brand identities, images
and interiors that capture the truth and authenticity of our clients,
allowing them to experience the greatest style of all—their own.



Design is more than artfully arranged images; it’s visual storytelling that allows you to share your ideas, sell your products,
and build your brand.
We’re passionate about helping individuals and businesses, both large and small, tell their unique stories through graphics, illustration, and photography.

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We don’t decorate; we curate.
We unearth what makes you tick and—working with your favorite existing pieces or starting completely from scratch—style spaces that bring comfort and joy. For any environment, we turn ordinary places into authentic spaces with a distinct (and always beautiful) point of view.

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A picture is only worth a thousand words if it’s thoughtfully produced. We collaborate and with the country’s best professional photographers, directing+managing shoots, timelines, schedules, budgets, locations, model casting, concepts, shot lists, styling, and—most importantly—client expectations.

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Stylish Daily Dose
Something UNIQUE has arrived!

Something UNIQUE has arrived!

We're delighted to share how we helped a company that "remakes history," make a little history of their own.  A family business with its roots in Rockingham, North Carolina, Unique Stone allowed us the opportunity to help them establish their new brand identity;...

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