I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t dreaming about home and design. As a kid, I’d sit for hours on the front porch building my very own version of a Barbie Dream House and decorating it with carpet remnants, fabric scraps, and furniture made from 2x4s.

As a slightly older girl, there was no question that I’d go to art school. I enrolled in the Columbus College of Art & Design where I studied fine art, fashion design, and retail advertising. It was the perfect preparation for my first full-time job as a designer at Bath & Body Works and The White Barn Candle Company, where I created brands and honed my skills. I loved every minute of it, but I couldn’t stop dreaming about home and decor.

It would be safe to say that I’m obsessed with homes—old homes, new builds, country places, downtown lofts. If it can be lived in, I want to give it its own unique style from fabric to furniture, floral arrangements to place settings. Whether I’m scouting flea markets or shopping high-end boutiques, I’m always on the lookout for the perfect pieces to complement homes I already know and love or those that only exist in my imagination…for now.

Now, as the principal of Candice & Co., I get to indulge my love of home and my passion for design all day, every day. I can’t think of anything better than making something beautiful while partnering with other creative professionals to bring ideas to life.  I firmly believe that if you’re going to undertake a creative project, you need to work with someone who’s as excited about it as you are. I can promise you that, if you choose to work with Candice & Co., we’ll be as passionate about your end result as you are, and we will do everything we can to uncover what makes you tick and what will make your living space or brand truly special and one of a kind.


Candice Marzetz | Principal Designer, Candice & Co.
Finder of unique treasures. Lover of elegant design, stylish spaces, and evocative art & photography — living a graceful life in Columbus, Ohio.
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& Co. is a vast network of the very best resources and industry experts— contractors, skilled craftsmen, artisans, designers, writers, digital gurus, and photographers —who collaborate and contribute on many projects alongside Candice.

Since opening Candice & Co., Ltd. in 2008, Candice Marzetz has offered turnkey creative services helping businesses and individuals create interiors, brand identities, and images to capture the truth and authenticity of our clientele, allowing them to experience the greatest style of all—their own.

Together, at Candice & Co., we are the team that brings your project to life —helping you stand out in a unique way of presenting yourself or business to the world. Whether your project is large or small, we promise to deliver thoughtfully considered, beautifully executed work.


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