August 19, 2016


by Candice Marzetz | Posted in: LIVING


I love coffee, early mornings, and planning…especially when they’re all together. For me, mornings are sometimes my only still time before the day rushes in with a list of endless to do’s and places to be. I get up early just to be able to sit quietly and thoughtfully plan my approach to the day and work through the ideas I want to share with my clients.

I have found that my morning ritual is greatly enhanced when I’m drinking from a beautiful cup or mug. I found the one in the photo above while browsing a local flea market, and fell in love with its delicate porcelain, refined blue-and-white design, and it’s luxurious touches of gold. A little research told me it’s a pattern by Booths called Real Old Willow, and I think it’s equal parts elegant and joyful.  Not only do I feel ever-so-slightly Downton Abbey when I sip from it, I’m also a little bit smug about using an antique piece rather than having bought something brand new—it makes me feel environmentally conscious and earth friendly.


If you’re looking for the perfect addition to a special collection, or just want a cup that makes you feel as special as mine does me, drop me a note. I’m always out and about scouting unique finds for clients, and I’d be happy to look for you. too.

Have a great morning, and a wonderful day!


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