June 18, 2019

Nature’s One

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Candice & Co. and Verb Garden, Inc. |   Brand Strategy & Development

Nature’s One, the leader in organic nutrition for infants and toddlers, asked us to help refresh their brand and make it more pertinent to their target audience of parents who can’t or choose not to breastfeed. Their existing brand was positioned as the “first organic formula,” but didn’t go further to inspire parents to choose the brand because it would be the best for their baby.

We created a tagline that positioned Nature’s One not just as a great formula for infancy, but as “A better start…for life.” By showing that Nature’s One formulas contained everything needed for optimal health, growth and brain development, we made it clear that by starting with us, a child will be further ahead down the road.

Our goal was to position Nature’s One as a trusted friend and expert, who cares as much about baby’s health and well-being as her parents. We wanted parents to know that Nature’s One had expertise, authenticity, and a welcoming community where they could ask questions, get answers, and trust that their baby was in good hands.

We refreshed the logo, fonts and color palette to be fresher and more appealing, and developed a story and visual campaign to guide the brand imagery, collateral and website development that showed kids doing amazing things…things that they could only do because they had had such a great nutritional start.

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May 16, 2018

The Toasted Oat

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We thrive on collaboration, high energy and playing with our clients’ products. We taste it. We smell it. We let it sit on our desk. We take it for a ride in the car. We take it on a walk. Toss it in our travel bag. Pop it in our mouths. Sprinkle it. Stack it on a shelf. We literally eat, play, style, and play some more. We perform this ritual until we reveal a products unique story.

In the case of The Toasted Oat, upon first glance you simply see a soft creamy outer package. Upon ripping open the bag you quickly discover the contents are quite different than any other granola you’ve ever experienced in your life. It’s soft and it’s chewy more like a crumbled cookie, full of delicious whole-ingredients, no preservatives, and gluten-free, a far cry from any other granola on the market.

Strategic story-teller Christine Myers, of Verb Garden, quickly landed upon the unique selling proposition and tag line for this unique granola. Creating the message, “We took the ‘crunchy’ out of granola.” And from there we were ready off designing, developing, and styling the brand look and feel; partnering with Demo38 on website development and Jones Photography to bring every aspect of The Toasted Oat granola website to life.

We had a great time working with Erika, and ate all the amazing, soft-and-chewy, home-baked granola our bellies could hold. Check out her website The Toasted Oat and DEFINITELY check out her Bakehouse Granola—it’s delicious!

Brand Redesign Look and Feel  |  Photography Direction

Website Design


Brand Story  |  Christine Myers, Verb Garden, Inc.
Wordpress Developer  | Jonathon Harris, Demo38
Photography  |  Brandon Jones


January 25, 2018

VPL – Vantage Point Logistics

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Candice & Co. and Verb Garden, Inc. |

VPL, a Columbus-based leader in the freight management industry, called us in to help them create a brand strategy for their upcoming SaaS, VPL Surpass™. Unsure of how to position this brand-new concept, which enables hospitals and IDNs to self-manage their own freight, they hoped we could come up with a fresh way to reach their target audience and garner interest in this revolutionary new technology platform.

What we discovered in the course of our conversation was that the company had not yet positioned their existing full-service program. We asked them to take a step back, work with us to brand their primary business as an “industry pioneer that was reinventing freight management,” and then spin off VPL Surpass as their latest reinvention. We not only helped them successfully launch VPL Surpass, we also gave them a solid platform from which to launch subsequent new technologies.

Once their brand story was solidly in place, we were able to create a clear brand image, including a new logo, colors, and consistent brand standards, which ensured the company presented themselves consistently across a wide range of platforms, including website, social media, advertising, email, trade show exhibits, informational brochures, and marketing campaigns.

Our target audience is supply chain executives serving in the top 150 healthcare organizations in the U.S. These are busy people who are continuously looking for ways to streamline and simplify operations and improve their organization’s bottom line.

Our goal was, and continues to be, to make the VPL brand clear and consistent across all platforms, so it is immediately identifiable as the technology company that is leading the way in the reinvention of freight management.

To date, VPL’s updated brand has garnered outstanding results.

  • Our 2018 Integrated Marketing Campaign for the company won a Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) Compass Award of Excellence, highlighting our role in raising the standard of marketing innovation and sales performance in the transportation and logistics industry. The company also won three other Awards of Excellence in the areas of Content Marketing, Direct Marketing, and Sales & Marketing Collateral.

  • In a direct-mail campaign, we targeted 150 VPs and were granted onsite meetings with 37 of them—a 23% success rate

  • Website traffic increased dramatically in 2018, with 10,350 user hits (up 103%) and 57,486 page views (up 250%)

  • The company doubled its market share, and experienced a 105% increase in net revenue

  • VPL’s exceptional 2018 growth resulted in a recent round of investment funding totaling $9.5M, which will enable VPL to double employee headcount and triple their office space in 2019

Brand Identity and Logo Redesign

Website Design

Yearlong Marketing Campaign
We created four (quarterly) campaigns in which we sent pertinent (and enjoyable) information outlining our services and the advantages of working with VPL to the top 150 healthcare organizations in the U.S. Our goal was to get key decision makers to take an onsite meeting.

Q1 CAMPAIGN  |  VPL Assumption Challenge
Showed potential customers that VPL has the ability to overturn many of the outdated assumptions they have regarding freight management. The first mailing was a jigsaw puzzle, in which a question regarding the time it takes to process freight management invoices was printed on the box, and answered once the puzzle was completed. Six follow-up emails were sent over a period of six weeks.

Q2 CAMPAIGN: Never Fly Solo
We created and sent potential customers this book about partnership and performance along with a message of “Let’s Break the Performance Barrier, Together.” In the weeks that followed, we sent bookmarks with pertinent quotes from the book that also highlighted key components of the VPL business philosophy.



Q3 CAMPAIGN: To Know Us is to Trust Us
This campaign was used as an opportunity to build rapport by introducing key members of the VPL team to their potential customers.  Samples of each team member’s favorite snack was sent along with a short bio. This campaign was kicked off with a box of six snacks, each corresponding
to a benefit of working with VPL.


Q4 CAMPAIGN: 212 – The Extra Degree
For the final mailing, we sent a copy of the book 212°, which discusses the way one extra degree of effort can produce extraordinary results. We followed up with four mailed cards that illustrated how
VPL always goes the extra mile.

Print Ads for Trade Show Programs and Industry Publications


Informational Brochures

VPL Technology Suite of Services Logo Design


Trade Show Design

Logo Merchandise
Identity Package, Including Stationery

Social Media



Candice & Co. and Verb Garden, Inc. |
Brand Strategy & Development, Logo Design, Creative Direction, Storytelling & Copywriting, Social Media, Website Design, and Photography Direction.

Photography  |  Stephen Webster
Styling and Photography Direction  |  Candice & Co., Candice Marzetz
Website Developer |  Jonathon Harris, Demo38



January 13, 2017

Unique Stone

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Unique Stone, a maker of cast-stone garden ornaments, had a great story…they just didn’t know how to tell it. The original owners had traveled the country and the world collecting one-of-a-kind original treasures, making molds from them, and then replicating the originals into stunning reproductions. The new owner took the business one step further, developing relationships with North Carolina’s famed Biltmore Estate and Historic Charleston.

Before we were hired, the company was simply showing photos of their pieces with no story and no sense of brand identity. We took their rich background and created a brand worthy of the beautiful historical pieces they sell.

The new tagline, “History in the Making” is both a nod to their reproductions and to the care and time they take in developing and crafting new pieces. We gave them a completely new look complete with a more legible and sophisticated logo, conducted a photo shoot, and designed and wrote a stunning catalog showcasing their most noteworthy pieces, their time-intensive Old World techniques, and the interesting back stories on certain reproductions.

Our goal was to make Unique Stone stand out in a fairly competitive marketplace, where name recognition goes a long way towards purchase intent.

We developed a new website, created weather-resistant tags that identify Unique Stone merchandise at retailers and garden centers, and upscaled their merchandising at both their trade shows and in their permanent showroom at the Atlanta AmericasMart.

Catalog Design  |


Advertising Print  |

Logo Design  |

Website Design and Development   |   UNIQUE STONE

Photography Direction   |

Trade Show and Showroom Design   |

“Before” and “After”

Candice & Co. and Verb Garden, Inc. |
Brand Strategy & Development, Logo Design, Creative Direction, Storytelling & Copywriting, Social Media, Website, and Photography Direction

Developer |  Jonathon Harris, Demo38
Photography  |  Mitch Wiebell
Styling |  Candice & Co.


January 11, 2017

Henri Bendel

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