I love living in Ohio in the summertime. EVERYTHING seems to grow here…not only sweet corn and tomatoes, but the most gorgeous flowers, too! One of my new favorite places is Red Twig Farms in New Albany. Specializing in cut flowers and—obviously—twigs, Red Twig Farms is THE place to go for alliums, branches, pussy willows, and PEONIES!

I made a day trip in June to pick up two big bouquets—one for my studio and another for a client, and not only was the experience delightful (Imagine fields full of white and pink and magenta buds ready to pop), but my car smelled like heaven the entire trip home.

I’ll definitely be going back in the fall for ornamental dogwood branches and curly willow. You can visit them anytime by going to their website, or their facebook page, If you’re planning to go in person, double check their open-to-the-public hours on either site or by calling them first at 614-855-1288.


Red Twig Farms
14401 Jug Street
New Albany, OH 43054


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